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I'm Dominika Demlova, a Prague-based architect, designer and a consultant, specializing in creating spaces that weave together spatial design and art curation into unique digital and physical experiences. 

From the neon-lit streets of Tokyo to the historic allure of Prague, my decade-long journey through architecture, art curation, and strategic consulting led me to focus on how spaces can shape experiences, tell stories, and foster connections.

My passion is transforming concepts into tangible experiences. I do this through creating the overarching concept, curating the content and talent, producing the 3D/2D design, visualizing the space and producing the final images, animations and documentations of a spatial experience that can be shared across social media channels or realized as a built architectural project. When suitable, I enjoy bringing in other experts as curators and collaborators from across my global network. 

I hold an MBA from Shizenkan University, a master's degree from The University of Tokyo, and a bachelor's degree from the AA School of Architecture. I've had the privilege of working with renowned firms like Kengo Kuma & Associates, Deloitte and SuperRare. I have 13+ years of experience living abroad spanning UK, USA, Australia, Japan and Europe. This diverse international and interdisciplinary exposure allows me to bring a global vision to local projects.

For businesses seeking to make a statement, cultural institutions aiming to connect deeper with their audience, or anyone dreaming of a space that transcends the ordinary, I offer strategy, design, curation and production services.

How can your space tell your story?

Clients & Experience

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